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Top Techno Chart - 1.27.15

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Top Techno Chart - 1.27.15

Welcome back to the Magnetic Magazine Top Techno Chart. I can’t believe it is already the last week of January! We have seen a lot of amazing work this year in all genres of electronic music, especially techno. Much like the non-stop energy in this week’s Techno Cart, time doesn’t stop either. So let’s hold on as we barrel into February with these ten great tracks.

10. "The Afterhour (Original Mix)" Toolroom Trax - Oscar L
Oscar L delivers a track appropriate for its name. Not only is the vocal sample appropriate, but also the beat is sure to get even the most worn down clubber to keep pushing through 'till the sun comes up.

9. "Travelling Through (Original Mix)" Chlorophilla - Stefano Panzera 
This is a peak hour heater. It has a powerful driving energy and an underground warehouse party feel to it.

8. "Metaloop (Original Mix)" Gruuv - Hugo
This is a spooky groove. It has an 80’s horror movie feel to it with the distorted vocals and eerie synth stabs.

7. "Private Show (Original Mix)" Get Physical Music - Emanuel Satie
This is the title track from Satie’s latest EP release on the tech powerhouse label, Get Physical Music. It is minimal but has big energy behind it. This one is perfect for a beach or rooftop party. The vocals say it all "I'mma get up and I'm gonna dance, and I'mma enjoy myself."

6. "Las Caderas (Original Mix)" Omnidisc -Danny Daze & 214
Aggressive is the word that comes to mind. They set the energy off at the beginning with pounding percussion and then they knock you out with a shifty bass line. It is the kind of track that makes you drive 90 mph without realizing it.

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5. "Bugatti (Boys Noize Acid Mix)" Mad Decent - Tiga
Boys Noize took Tiga’s Bugatti and poured acid all over it. In fact there is no more Bugatti, only acid. It is a great remix and it is sure to tear the roof off any party.

4. "Volume On (Original Mix)" Funk’n Deep Records - Modus
When I listen to this I can’t help but think about going to a show. The way it begins with the high and mid frequencies filtered out gives me the feeling of waiting to get inside the club. When the sub kicks in it is like walking into the main floor and seeing the party going off. Great energy throughout this whole track.

3. "Pushing Forward (Original Mix)" Agile Recordings - Uto Karem
This track has the energy and power of a freight train. The pulsing bass line and punching sub are the engine keeping the train speeding down the track. And if you are standing in front of a speeding train, you can’t help but move. Or suffer the consequences of course…

2. "I Am (Original Mix)" La Famiglia Recordings - ALX
I love the dark melancholic vibe this track has. “I Am” echoing in the distance can be interpreted as a reassuring mantra of existence as you are transported into the depths of your subconscious.

1. "District Two (Original Mix)" Soma - Charles Fenckler
This is the second track from Fenckler’s District EP. The energy is really pumped up with the four-to-the-floor kick backed up by a second syncopated kick. Then it gets ramped up higher and higher as he adds each percussive element into the mix. This is a riot starter.

Here is the entire playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week!

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