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Top Techno Selections [January 06]


Well, the new year is in full swing, and Magnetic Magazine's Top Techno is not missing a single beat. 2015 is looking like it's going to be a year where techno's influence grows and grows in America, and thank god for it. The underground talents are seeing more praise and if that Coachella lineup is any prediction, you are going to see many more of those names on the festival circuit out west. So, let's get on with it, you came here to techno, so let's go!

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10. Arjun Vagale - Your Love EP, Transmit Recordings

Arjun Vagale delivers a solider groover of an EP with his Your Love EP on Transmit Recordings. It will infect with you energy, and guide you towards pure ecstatic dancing in the club.

9. Matador - Play with Me!, Minus

Matador on Minus is not something to miss. Dancefloor dynamite, and of course Matador, I'll definitely come play with you, anytime, you never need to ask!

8. Many Reasons - Abrasive EP, 100% Pure

Oh minimal, how I love you! Many Reasons deliver a great EP that's going to make you forget it's January. I swear to god this EP has time travel powers, I listen to it and can only think I'm grooving on Ibizan sands.

7. Jaydee - Dance With Me, Spinnin’ Records

Jaydee has summoned a monster. Safety first here, this is an absolute heater that has it all - attitude, power, and top notch skills... It'll hypnotize you, and you won't know where your night has gone until its three days later and you're in tijuana still listening to this song. It's that good...

6. Claude Vonstroke - Vocal Chords (Craig Williams Remix), dirtybird

It's that certain remix that brings two of your favorites together, and it's the song that sticks with you, that is the latest fresh selection with Craig Williams' remix of Claude VonStroke's 'Vocal Chords'. Craig has techno skills, and they are been honed to master status. I could go on and on about how much of a fan I am of this song, but I just want to sprint to the nearest underground techno party and experience it absolutely crushing a party! Craig Williams, you are absolutely doing it right!

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5. Ghastly x Mija ft. Lil Jon - Crank It, OWSLA

OWSLA new favorites alert! This tune goes deep, but keeps it fresh with plenty of the best tech house elements. Pay close attention to Mija, she's a thing now, and you don't want to miss a second of her rise to the top. The Lil Jon sample is ON POINT, it'll surprise ya.

4. Waffensupermarkt - Betacore, Amsq

I would classify this as deep space techno. The astronauts in a deep space sci fi future definitely would be grooving on this as they are shooting deep into the center of our galaxy.

3. Cirez D x Harvard Bass - Laser Beams Off (Golden Features Remix)

Here we hae a classic remix by a potent remixer. If you are looking for a great song that gets going and builds to something special and if you weren't already well studied in the arts of these three tremendous talents, prepare for insanity.

2. Proxy - Whores, mau5trap

Proxy's techno conquest continues. This Russian export is nothing short of the gold standard as far as cutting edge techno music. This is no song to sit back and relax to, it's going to confront you as much as its bold title. It is the type of go hard song that's got a bit of style that compliments raging quite well.

1. Ellen Allien - Come to Me, BPtich Control

Well, would you expect the founder of BPitch Control to end up anywhere else with an original production? Absolutely deserving every ounce of this number one spot, Ms. Ellen Allien has a dark, glitch oriented piece of techno that's ready to haunt ever fiber of your being. This is some real eery techno.

Mix of the Week Joris Voorn’s Year Mix 2014!
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