Toronto Crime Stoppers - Cookin' With Molly

Toronto Crime Stoppers - Cookin' With Molly

Drugs have been getting a bad wrap these days so the Toronto Crime Stoppers decided to produce their own... PSA. But before you run away, this is one is a bit different. As noted by, the video is co-produced by late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

"Cookin' With Molly" is only a couple minutes long, but goes through a rundown of a manufacturing process. It even goes as far as paying homage to Breaking Bad with the addition of a special blue color.

The video is the latest to attempt to curb drug use the more progressive way - through education instead of policing. This is something we've not been hearing much about lately, with Fabric fighting shutdown and Field Day Festival booking hundreds. pointed out that Thump fact-checked the video.:

THUMP also asked an actual dealer to “separate the fact from fiction” in the video. His biggest gripe? The lab was too clean. You can read more about that HERE.

These videos aren't just coming from authorities either. Diplo, Yellow Claw, LNY TNZ and Waka Flocka Flame released a video for “Techno” this past fall that cast a very unsettling shadow over a club night out. Not exactly amping up their track.

Toronto Crime Stoppers describe themselves as an “anonymous community operated service to report information to police to PREVENT and SOLVE crime and locate MISSING PERSONS.” Just keep in mind that "Comments left on videos are open for public viewing - Confidentiality only ensured by calling, submitting online or by text as noted.” This applies to social media as well.

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