We Tossed Some Questions at the Blasé Beast Kiwi [Interview]


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Making animal noises is something just about everyone can do, but making animal related music that destroys dancefloors, that is something very few can ever hope to do. Kiwi is a stellar DJ first and a fantastic producer second. With support from the renowned Duke Dumont, Kiwi is a mainstay of the Duke's Blasé Boys Club, and he's looking to make moves the world over.

Kiwi has some of the finest mixing skills this writer has heard on the internet, and I am so eager for London based Alex Warren to finally make his way across the pond. His sets are things you have to listen to, and his Mara EP was favorite discovery last year. So, you've got the brief summary, now let's get on with the scrutiny of this character on the rise.

I have to say, ‘The Mara EP’ is one of my favorite EPs of the year. How do you feel about it? Does it fully embody the Kiwi sound and style?

WOW thank you, if I;m being honest, I’m kind of over it. I still like it but I wrote it a long time ago, it took a while to come out. I'm just very excited for the next one to come out now!

I have read that your primary goal for making music is to fill the gaps in your sets that other records just can’t fill. Does this mean you are more of a DJ and a producer? Or what exactly spurned you to start making music to fill the gaps in your sets?

Yes, I think that’s probably true. I think I am probably a better DJ than I am producer, and that is certainly where my passion lies. I'm also very aware that in this day and age, an online/social media presence is very important and producing music can be a very productive way of building that presence. So that was definitely a reason for beginning to make music. Also, I found that my DJ sets could be quite eclectic. I'd play all sort of styles of music and I need records that would help bridge those gaps between genres.

Your songs all have a distinct style to them, is this something you are aware of? Have you been cultivating this style for a while? Or is it merely Kiwi making amazing music that has a bit of everything from funk to house to techno?

I don’t know, I cant really hear a particular style. I'm aware that I use a lot of the same instruments in my records. I certainly would like to have a style, that said I actually think a lot of my records are really different, especially if you look at my remix history. I approach every record differently, which makes my style quite eclectic. But maybe that is it; maybe that is my ‘style’? Haha, I'm confused.

As I am sure you are well aware, you apparently made quite the impression on Duke Dumont with the demo track of The Mara. So much so that he said, “It made me regress to the time I spent in the rainforest, chilling with the Chieftains and drinking ayahuasca.” Is this how you feel about the song? Quite vivid and adventurous imagery! What do you think of Duke’s impression?

Ha! I think the Duke was having a laugh. I'm not sure he's ever been to the rainforest? Or maybe he has and he was being deadly serious. You never can tell with Adam. That’s the magic of him. As to how I feel about The Mara, I'd have to say my feelings are quite Blasé.

Will there be any more releases of Kiwi on the Blasé Boys Club? In fact, when can we expect the next Kiwi release?

There will indeed. You can expect a single in March, all being well, and then a much larger EP to follow in early summer.

Is there a Kiwi artistic philosophy?

Aesthetically, that is something I am working on. All of my records are animal related, be it their name or something else. I plan to continue that theme.

What do you hope to achieve with this current artistic pursuit?

Stardom! Ha, no, not really. I want to release and play great music, I want to increase my profile and tour the world. I have been lucky enough to play in some of the greatest clubs in Europe and I just want to continue doing that more often. I would like to get to a point where I can pack a club out anywhere in the world on my own and play all night long. That would be the ultimate luxury.

Your mixes are beautiful, very moving. How do you approach composing a mix or a set? Do you go in with an idea of the journey you want to take your listeners on?

Yeah definitely. I think recording a mix or a radio show is infinitely different to playing in a club. I have people going about their daily lives in mind when recording a mix. Whereas when I play in a club I am focused on the individuals in the room.

What is in store for you in 2015?

Hopefully an American tour, loads more dates. Some great remixes to come out and a large EP that I'm really excited about, plus loads more good times with the Blasé Boys Club family.

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