Tropical House / Chill Chart – 1.23.15

Tropical House/Chill Chart - 1.23.15


Photo by Tyler Haft

The key to living with forward momentum is always having something to look forward to. Whether it's a long awaited trip to the tropics, a concert for your new favorite artist, warm socks coming out of the dryer, a camping expedition with your best buds or a 75-degree weekend forecast, we should all be working hard in the present to enjoy those prizes on the horizon. Play hard, work harder. This is the motto that makes all those moments even brighter and hot damn have we been pushing it so far this year.

All of us here at Magnetic Mag are going to be charging up that mountain and I hope you’re along for the ride. This moderation and balance to life is how I molded this week’s chart. Its got that sunshine house feel that makes you want to punt your computer and tear your shirt off as you run into the sunshine. With a taste like zebra Fruit Stripe Gum that doesn’t lose its flavor, these melodic muses will get you tropified for weekend fun. On the other side of the chart we got some marshmellows you’re gonna want s’more of. Chill, vibe, swoon and escape with the downtempo delights on Side B. I hope this weekend you all have something to look forward to. Groove on, amigos.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Raindrops (feat. Kerli)” SNBRN, Ultra Music
Yes, SNBRN. YES. This weekend it's supposed to be in the high seventies in LA and I plan on being at the beach the entire time with this track by our local trop prince on repeat. What’s even better is we can all go party with him next Thursday at Sound Nightclub when he spins alongside Hotel Garuda. That is going to be one sunburnt Friday morning. The ghosts of 80s past are knocking on your speaker doors and waiting to be let into the party. The vocal arrangements in the chorus and build ups are so strong. I’d really like to know how much they bench. Turn it way up and dance seamonkey, DANCE!

2. “Flashed Junk Mind (filous remix)” Milky Chance,
Everyone knows Milky Chance’s radio sing-a-long “Stolen Dance” but I think this is their best song and somehow Australian power producer filous has made it even more jammy and danceworthy. Kick up some sand, spin your lady and lad around and howl at the moon a bit. It’s good for the soul and I’ll howl right back at you. The mellow, melodic house touch is perfect for a song that really lends to this genre of music. Props for going outside the norm and trying out a different song. Now I’m stoked to get down to this at Coachella.

3. “Show Me Love” Sam Feldt, Spinnin Records
Paying homage to the time that had a huge influence on the synth soaked, daytime disco sounds of today, Sam Feldt channels 1993 with this original cover of Robin S's club bangaranger. I highly recommend watching the original music video when you get a minute. Sam Feldt continues his streak of salacious, sexy singles and even lends his voice this time. Who knew he had those pipes.

4. “Real Love (The Chainsmokers Remix)” Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne
I don’t know why, but this song inspired me to go purchase a teal velour tracksuit and go run a marathon. I listened to it the entire time. IT’S THAT GOOD. But seriously, the original from Clean Bandit has been hot fire for the last handful of weeks and this official remix by the dynamite hoarding duo is no slouch in bed. Like in any lasting relationship, whether it be with your overbearing girlfriend, your creepy chiropractor or your favorite artist, you gotta mix it up. The Chainsmokers have been doing just that with a handful of their latest remixes and this downtempo that you can get down to feels fresh. Like the opposite of my velour tracksuit after running 26.2 miles in The Valley.

5. “Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)” ODESZA, Anjunadeep
Where the original is a prowling tiger, this remix is one chasing down its prey. The tempo is popped, the builds drop harder and they go in for the kill. It has that tribal house boom to it and plenty of danceability down to its core. These are the kinds of remixes that sound like an original all in itself. One that ODESZA might stop and think, “Hey why didn’t we do that?”

6. “Make Me Feel Better (Klingande Remix)” Alex Adair
Oooo Babe. Love that line. And Alex and Klingande love all of you tropheads because this is quite the pairing. The UK Adair’s mega hit has a slew of remixes hitting soon and this is the first magical track of the bunch with the sax-seductor Klingande at the helm. This time around he bends his usual repertoire of instruments and leans heavily on some tasty guitar licks that will get your heart pumping like the extra dose of BPM he’s infused into the track. Klingande will be at The Fonda LA in March and I will definitely be seeing some of you there.

7. “Insides” Fort Romeau, Ghostly
In space no one can see you dance. Fort Romeau has fired up the engines and launched us into the stratosphere with a downtempo, deep space house track that will leave you grooving in the galaxy. He calls his music “slow listening”, a term that requests your presence when listening to it. Turn the lights down, put your good headphones on and just get lost in the infinite abyss of your milky way mind. His album is dropping March 31st on Ghostly and I can’t wait to hear this drop on many a dancefloor soon…

8. “Jimmy (Romsen Remix)” Camy, Tom Leo Records
The vibe is strong with this one. The voice of Camy takes you somewhere peaceful and the beat by Romsen takes you somewhere beautiful, all combining for a sunlit ride above the clouds. This remix comes in Paris strong and its got the hope we like to hear from any artist coming from there. I’m obsessed with the horn that is used in this. Can anyone tell me what they used?

9. “Devi feat. Nieve” Parra For Cuva
This track is one that brings me back to last weekend roaming around the wide open canvas of Big Sur. My crew and I painted a beautiful picture of that place and I’m so happy that songs like this can bring me back there. We played Parra For Cuva as we hugged that mesmerizing coastline and the tunes just melted in with the beauty laid out before us. This transportive element is my favorite part of music and the German duo do it so well. I hope they’re reading this and booking a flight to CA right now so they can see what I’m talking about. The hip-hop element to this track adds so much style and Nieve makes the delicious track even more scrumdiddlyumptious with that extra dash of fire sauce.

10. “Last Word” Dayspired
Boston is blooming with a brand new sound and mellow electronica fans should rejoice. Dayspired has just released their second EP All Whites On Clay and this slow burner “Last Word” is just one in a garden of tranquil tracks you’ll love (especially since you can download it for free). Check out the music video for a b&w kaleidoscope of urban jungles from around the world. Its a nice touch and goes along well with the chunes.

Top Mix of the Week: Colour Vision "Poolside.FM - Jacuzzi Diaries Vol. 2"
The vacation destination of Palm Springs is always full of good vibes so it's no wonder it breeds some top notch talent like Colour Vision. He's got a slate of great mixes in his arsenal but I'm loving this fresh to death jampack.

Full Chart with a couple extras thrown in. Groove on…

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