Tropical House / Chill Chart - 1.9.15

Tropical House / Chill Music Chart - 1.9.15


Photography by Darrin Bragg - @darrinbragg

Lets get Tropy! I am a firm believer in being proactive than reactive. Change is necessary and evolution in life, whether it be personal or the things you enjoy, is the key to becoming a better you. We are the lucky ones for enjoying the beautiful sounds of tropical and melodic house music as it rolled into the scene like a tasty wave last year, and now it is time for that beautiful baby boy to grow and flourish like a sunflower in the sand. We are the change in electronic music that has balanced the big room sound and reworked the notion that dance music is only for clubs and parties. These tunes are for living, man. It's an active sound, it makes us dream of better places, it compliments the beach, the pool, the sun and the easy living. Let's all better ourselves this year and work our butts off so we can enjoy the passion fruits of life and get those booties a little more sandy and tan. Get in shape, find that new complement to your life outside of work and that weekend play that makes you a more full person. Write, read, explore, learn, adventure, teach, contribute and live with a vision. We have an entire year of amazing tropportunities ahead of us and I want you all to thrive and vibe.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Won’t Back Down (Boehm Remix)” Benjamin Francis Leftwich
This is the 2015 anthem for tropical house. We are here. We burn bright. We light the shadows and we feel god damn happy. Boehm made my top ten songs of the year list and good lord is he coming out the gates hot already with this rework on a Tom Petty classic. Benjamin Francis Leftwich has lent his simmering pipes to some of the best trop remixes to date, and this cover of Tom is absolutely phenomenal. The sunshine sound is the hottest genre of dance music and this track is lighting the biggest beach bonfire the world has ever seen.

2. “Bright Side” Mozambo & Basic Tape ft. Julia Church
What's crackin', girl? Tan lines showing, bronze skin glowing, sunkissed hair flowing and my love growing. I don't believe we've been introduced, Mozambo & Basic Tape, but you've got something great cookin' in your beat lab. The French trio and duo have a slate of strong work that I've been listening to since I heard this, and I highly recommend you do some discovering. The heart palpitation-inducing vocals by Julia Church float on the surface of funky guitars and keyboards. It definitely has that french housey touch that I funkin' dig. This song is going somewhere full of promise and I'm tagging along for the adventure.

3. “Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)” Hedegaard ft. Lukas Graham, Spinnin Records
The two tropical/melodic house artists I'm most excited for this year are Matoma (who also remixed this track and just announced his US Tour) and Sam Feldt. I think this young man has such a high production value to his tracks, and both his originals and remixes are scintillating anthems for the beautiful side of life. It manages to transcend the summer, beachy vibe and capture you in a very blissful nirvana. It's the evolution of the melodic vocals we've heard so long in some great big room house artists. Times are changing in dance music and Sam Feldt is leading that charge in a big way.

4. “Don’t (Lozo Remix)” Ed Sheeran
Sometimes you just want to enjoy the damn original. But then sometimes there's a remix that is just the perfect coat of butter on that already delicious sweet bread. Lozo tip toes into the song but gives it that perfect something extra missing in the recipe. Ed Sheeran has proven to be the best tropable artist to remix in the last few months with remixes by newcomer Lozo and a really strong take by Alex Adair. Turn the speakers up. It's the weekend and you deserve this dance party.

5. “Something About You (Nicolas Haelg & EigenARTig Remix” Dom Rosenfeld
We got a little housey trop-pop to sizzle you like beachy bacon. Swiss Nicolas Haelg and his partner in shine EigenARTig are matchmakers without knowing it. Once you lock eyes with that babe across the room while this track cascades out the speakers like a lustful waterfall... you will be in love. Dom Rosenfeld's British crooning is what babymaking is made of, and the simple electro dance elements the remixers implement are hot.

6. “Waiting For (VITTO Remix)” Francis Mercier & Alodot ft. Beatrice Thomas
We got a dancefloor pyro on our hands. VITTO is igniting the footwork fireworks with a reggaeton saxophone stomper. Have you ever heard a tropical song with a sexy sax drop before? The genre is evolving and this type of track is getting me all kinds of stoked. The marimba style percussive fixings really give it a nice Latin flavor. The Argentinian remixer has brought his homeland into the sound and shows us how they do it down south.

7. “Sky” Martin Wagler
This is a real beaut-eh. If anyone can tell me the name of the song they sample the sax from in this I'll let them pick one of the songs on the next chart. It's killing me! The stars are aligned with sexy sax, liquid sex vocals, an acoustic guitar picking build-up and a catchy hook all vibin' strong and working hard to get you in hammock-worthy mode. Martin Wagler comes hot into the scene with a snow melting jam that makes me see summer already on the horizon.

8. “My Kinda Crazy (Mas Tropical Remix)” Celeste Stoney
Mas Tropical has the feels that make me wanna ride giants. They've now managed to remix a handful of soulful hip hop r&b sirens from my girl Lauryn Hill to the newest Celeste Stoney. It's the perfect complement to these ladies' beautiful voices, adding the finest hip-shaking beats and instrumentals to make you dance your way aboard this wild moonlit boat party.

9. “Magic (The Rooftop Boys Remix)” Coldplay
Trance finally meets tropical. The molecules that make up this delicious sunny sound are finally infusing with some of the more well-structured and seasoned strong genres of electronic. The catalyst that is The Rooftop Boys had proven this is the biggest breakthrough in boogie the whorld has ever heard. It's pretty cool whip.

10. “Shark (Illenium Remix)” Oh Wonder
This is just thrillingly beautiful. I am fortunate enough to have lucid dreams where I'm able to fly whenever I want sometimes. This would be top of my Fly Jams Vol. 1 mixtape. The adrenaline that comes with rushing over tree top canopies is captured perfectly in the dubby drops after such a gorgeous melodic build up. The original artist Oh Wonder is very mysterious in an endearing way. We don't know much other than they're releasing one song a month and they're totally bitchin'. In the mean time, the remixes are piling up and this duo is providing some killer grooves to have fun with.

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