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The Twin Shadow Interview That Didn't Happen

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The Twin Shadow Interview That Didn't Happen


Screenshot taken from IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang! "Interbrew" with Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is known for beautifully dreary synth pop, but he lightens up in this interview. Yeah he talked about a drummer death in there for a second, but that was the least of his concerns. The interviewer was a complete nightmare.

It’s funny because the Twin Shadow interview was all a joke. And the drummer death thing seemingly a reference to Spinal Tap (at least we really hope so). SPIN broke the news on this hilarious interview with Twin Shadow.

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The host sits down with the singer/guitarist (real name: George Lewis, Jr.) in a segment of his satirical talk show entitled "Interbrews," interrupting all of Lewis' answers with voiceovers about his pending dinner order and his own deferred rock dreams.

The “Interbrews” is another departure from the norm for Twin Shadow. The artist previously broke from shadows in the Zeds Dead upbeat dance track “Lost You”.

Catch more “Interbrews” during Comedy Bang! Bang! which airs on IFC Fridays at 11pm ET/PT. As noted by SPIN, Twin Shadow’s upcoming album Eclipse is due March 17th.

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