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10 Crazy Years of dirtybird & Their Best Compilation Yet?!?!?


Has it really been a decade of dirtybird? It feels like just yesterday that I discovered the majesty, the glory, the absolute party that is dirtbird records. Ten years of booty shaking, bbqing and dancefloor killing have gone by and dirtybird is only flying higher. On their latest release, Claude VonStroke went all in and curated the quintessential dirtybird compilation that stays true to their definitive sound and style. It has everything from the founders, the regulars and of course the consistent slew of new talent.

This compilation will get you moving, you already know that, but it is much stronger that other dirtybird compilations. It goes deeper and compels you, you absolutely cannot resist its magic and next thing you know, you are going apeshit in a grocerystore to the Riva Starr & Gene Farris track "After Dark (is when we move)". Yeah, not conducive to buying eggs, but a damn good time, I assure you.

Below are some of my favorite selections from the compilation. For your viewing pleasure and accompanying my song highlights are some photos from the 10 year release party at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. I also caught up with Justin Martin, Christian Martin and Worthy to take a moment and talk over the compilation and their thoughts on reaching the bold milestone of making it 10 years in dance music.

"I think the compilation is a really good throwback to all the sounds that have been coming out on the label and the sound we've all been trying to push for the last ten years. I could play a complete set of all those ten songs which is amazing. They are all just that good, killers in the moment." - Worthy


How does this compilation fully embody or celebrate the past 10 years of the label?

Justin Martin: "It's got a little bit of everything on there. It's just cool! Claude is an amazing A&R and this I think is one of the most amazing compilations yet! He just manages to find tracks not only from the OG dirtybird crew, and I think everyone is on their finest form, but he also always finds some newcomers. It's something really cool with what Claude does. If you look back at the history of the record label, there are so many amazing artists who had their first record with dirtybird and I think this compilation is a continuation of that."

Thinking back, what is your favorite dirtybird memory?

Worthy: "One of my favorite all time memories, there was this one BBQ in Golden Gate park and we went over the time limit. This time I was closing it out and this was one of the last ones of the year so the sun went down a little bit early. I was wondering, do we just keep going? No one is stopping us, the cops didn't come or anything, and everyone pulled out their cell phones and were lighting up the DJ booth with their cell phones. It was a pretty amazing moment."

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Where do you see dirtybird going from here?

Christian Martin: "I just keep thiniking more cities and more BBQs and bigger soundsystems. It's just beautiful to see the reactions of the people in the crowd when the bass drops, so I hope we bring that to as many people as possible."

Worthy: "It's just going to keep on expanding. There are so many people who are going to keep on getting turned onto this sound. It's ten years in and it is really taking off right now. I can't imagine it not expanding to a wider audience because it is a mix and a mash of all the best in house, hip hop, jungle and all these crazy sounds that come together to make that dirtybird sound!"


"I would like to think that we have another ten years in us at least. I am at my happiest moment right now. I'm with my peers who are also like my family and best friends. Being creative and making music and seeing the response that we get from the fans is incredible. I'm high off of it, I want to keep it going as long as I can. I'm going to be making music the rest of my life, so hopefully there is at least another 10 years, maybe 20, who knows?" - Justin Martin

Sample the entire compilation below, and don't be a turkey, don't be a chicken, just be a dirtybird and buy this compilation!

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