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MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast & Interview: Remute

MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast: Remute

MAGNETIC Magazine is proud to present an exclusive mix-tape from the German DJ & producer simply known as Remute. Strap yourselves in because this 45-minute mix is an adventurous ride through various techno, electro, & even some video game theme music.

In addition to this wonderfully playful mix that Remute did for us, he was also nice enough to answer some questions for us about who he is, what inspires him, and also why on earth he decided to create a piece of music that was 24 hours long!

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1. Who are your musical heroes and influences?

My musical heroes are MANY quasi-anonymous computer game musicians from the early 80s and 90s, some well-known Acid-house heroes from Chicago and of course Aphex Twin. Furthermore I get a lot of inspiration out of old movies like for example 'Metropolis' (my new album 'Yoshiwara' on the US-label 'Telefuture' is heavily influenced by this masterpiece from Fritz Lang), books like 'Neuromancer' or Japanese Manga-stuff - this all gets translated into sound during the creative process...

2. Describe your unique brand of electronic music.

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I am always trying to trigger both extremes: 'WTF?' and 'Wow, cool!' So I never go for the streamlined 'Play it safe'-kind of doing things - I rather take the risk of upsetting some people instead.
And hey, it seems to work quite well at the moment. :) With my mixture of twisted Techno, convoluted Electro and retro-futuristic Synth-wave I am trying to approach equally to clubbers, festival-kids and computer game nerds preferring to stay home - they're all invited to go beyond their horizons.

3. You once produced the longest electronic music track ever. What was your motivation to do so?

I was bored. :) 

Joking aside: With '24' I wanted to capture the spirit of an ordinary day and transform this into sound in a experimental way. This 24-hour long tune doesn't sound 'spectacular' and doesn't have some culminations or peaks - it's more like just breathing in and breathing out. Ordinary life. Detached from... everything.

It is still available for free as a full download --->

4. Do you have any future plans to bring a show to the US?

I am already negotiating with some agents and promoters from the US for some shows later this year!

5. Lastly, tell us about the mix you've done for us. How did you go about it and what did you use to put the mix together?

I've created a 'mixtape' (yes, please record it onto good old tape!) for you consisting of my favourite computer game music (like 'Command & Conquer'or 'Robocop vs. Terminator') and some wicked Cracktro- and Demoscene-jams ranging from moody Electro, horny Italo-Disco and crunchy Techno - these ones were used by early software pirates and hackers as a kind of identification tag for their 'groups'. This mixtape is pretty wild, so take care. I've mixed this using a quite conventional setup of CDJs, but added some Commodore Amiga computers (running a special mix-software called 'PT-1210 MK1') to the setup as well!

Remute's latest EP SOS is out now on Snork Enterprise exclusively for sale through Beatport

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