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Alleged Ultra South Africa Consultant Accused Of Murder

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Alleged Ultra South Africa Consultant Accused Of Murder

An alleged Ultra South Africa consultant has been accused of murder according to iOL news.

The details are very sketchy, but it’s being reported that David Forbes allegedly shot and killed 23-year-old Toufiq Joseph at a gas station. Forbes is allegedly claiming that the shooting was in self defense, and many have speculated that tickets may have been involved.

An article from EWN South Africa states:

"Forbes claims he acted in self-defence after being attacked by Joseph. The investigating officer has testified that four knives, including one with bloodstains, was found in Joseph’s black Golf GTI.”

The alleged victim’s father has spoken out to media telling Cape Talk’s Aubrey Masango:

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“The video shows how he came to the car and took the gun out and shot my son.”

With the claim that Forbes has connections to Ultra South Africa, rumors have begun to stir claiming there may have been an argument over the sale of Ultra tickets. Comments under some articles have speculated that Forbes may have confronted Joseph about the tickets at the gas station, leading to a scuffle which led to the shooting. It is important to remember that this cannot be confrimed. MSN did, however, post news that Forbes "asked people to call the police and remained at the scene." iOL News published a report from an anonymous friend of Josephs which claims to both support and refute this story.

Joseph’s friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he feared for his life, confirmed that Joseph was selling festival tickets. “He sold them for the normal price and to some friends he sold them cheaper.”

The details are very vague and much of this story is still speculation as it continues to develop. In addition to his purported ties with Ultra, Forbes has also been reported as the owner of the H20 Festival in South Africa. We have not been able to independently verify either connections though sources from the reports are linked below.

Speculation aside, it's certainly a tragic story.


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