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Attend Pool Party With Cedric Gervais

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Attend Pool Party With Cedric Gervais

Nothing says spring like a pool party, let alone a pool party in Miami with Cedric Gervais. "WelcomeToMyHouse" the artist hashed out on Facebook.

The Grammy award winning DJ and producer will headline the party along with yet-to-be-announced "friends." It's all going down Saturday, March 28th at The Raleigh Hotel on South Beach, 12 p.m - 10 p.m. rain or shine.

Whether you need a break from winter or just want to splash down in pastels for Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference, tickets are available now. 10 people can also win a pair of tickets to a Cedric Gervais show of their choice by following simple instructions on his website.

The MY HOUSE pool party comes from the new Cedric Gervais podcast of the same name. Episode 001 is now streaming. We'd imagine he'd bring this kind of style to the pool, but you can't count out those summer strings either! TICKETS

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