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AU8UST Giving Trap A New Touch

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AU8UST Gives Trap A New Touch On 'White Sheets'

Don't let him lull you to sleep, 'cause you'll be in for a rude awakening. On his new single "White Sheets", AU8UST (pronounced August Eight) is proving that trap does in fact have a soft side and it's loud as anything out there.

Sounding like the post-modern aftermath of a Yellow Claw and James Blake collision, AU8UST pairs his soothing voice with heavy bass production. "White Sheets" could even be misinterpreted as indie dance track at first before all the murda happens.

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The mismatched style adds a considerable amount of depth and helps make the pretty prettier and rough rougher. The range in variation seemingly stems from the Californian producer's immersion into worldly cultures.

There also seems to be some kind of mystery behind who is producing the tracks. Eight's bio says he "capably produces, mixes and records his own music in a private, self-built studio" yet "White Sheets" and previous singles "The Bridge" and "Tell Me" are credited to CRNVL, to whom there is little info.

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