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AWOL Oasis Resort Takeover w/ Dean Mason (You're Invited)

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AWOL Oasis Resort Takeover w/ Dean Mason (You're Invited)

Forget the city and forget work - just go AWOL already. A resort takeover is going down at La Casa del Zorro with Dean Mason, Wired, Amiirah and more spinning up the pool parties. This is the AWOL Oasis.

It’s all part of the AWOL (Another Way Of Life) collective - a music destination movement that’s been freeing people from the urban jungle for the past few years. This year, the movement is hitting the “understated luxury” of the La Casa del Zorro hotel in Beorrego Springs, CA.

Unlike a major festival or cruise, AWOL brings you into a closely knit community where you can expect to dance to real house music and develop real bonds with the other like-minded “Lifers.” This means discounts to future events, advice on business ventures, connections with other Lifers and good vibes all around. No gimmicks here.

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"Our lineup is focused more on good music than glow sticks” - AWOL

AWOL isn’t limited to California either. The vacation-minded house collective is throwing exclusive parties all over the world. British Columbia, Mexico and Las Vegas have all had parties. There was even a Satellite Connections event in Minneapolis this year.

Casitas are close to selling out for the AWOL Oasis in Beorrego Springs, CA, so go get your tickets now and get in the zone with this Porterhaus mix.

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