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Beatport Launches Free Streaming Service

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Beatport Launches Free Streaming Service

Beatport just announced the launch of their free streaming music service, and it's just part of their plan for world domination.

The company has long been known for a place to buy electronic music, but that will soon be just a small portion of their offerings. In addition to streaming content, the SFX Entertainment site is completely restructuring and expanding into new territory.

In addition to the free streaming service and traditional purchasing service, the site claims it will now be home to show and festival listings and news stories.

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Known for years as the place for electronic music, the problem with Beatport wasn't their selection but rather their prices and archaic download format. It remains to be seen if they'll still have the extensive selection of exclusives, but it will certainly give users a concentrated outlet for streaming electronic music.

Considering the incredible elasticity of the EDM bubble, and it's accelerating growth which appears to rival that of the universe itself, Beatport could become one of the biggest media beasts the world has ever seen, and possibly the universe will ever know.

You can sign up for early access now and be one of the first ones to try it out.

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