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Boys Noize BitTorrent - New Tracks, 5-Hours Of Music

5-Hour Boys Noize BitTorrent - New Tracks, Dog Blood Set & More

Boys Noize created an empire out of being loud, and now he's going all out to celebrate. Instead of releasing a new track or something minimalist like that, he's release two... as part of a 5-hour Boys Noize BitTorrent of music and art.

The bundle features two new tracks from Boys Noize - "Brain Frequent" and "Dawnload" - along with a live Dog Blood set, a Dog Blood drawing, 10 years of album art, and then 4 hours or so of more music. For free.

5-Hour Boys Noize BitTorrent - New Tracks, Dog Blood Set & More

So what are we celebrating exactly? It's easy to forget amid all the commotion, but Boys Noize Records (BNR) has turned 10. The label has released music from artists like Spank Rock, SCNTST, Depeche Mode, Djedjotronic, Strip Steve, Peaches, PILO and more. In fact, two unreleased SCNTST tracks are included in the bundle.

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This little BitTorrent wouldn't be enough for Boys Noize though. The bundle precedes the BNR 10 Year Anniversary world tour starting March 28th in Miami. Pre-sale tickets start at $10.

To summarize: You download 5-hours of music and art (including new and unreleased tracks) and throw yourself into a live show for the cost of about 4 songs on Beatport. No one is going quietly into the new year with this. Get tickets for the tour here and download the 5-hour bundle below.

BNR10YR BitTorrent bundle Includes:

Instant Download
Boys Noize "Brain Frequent" (Unreleased) [Audio]
Boys Noize "Dawnload" (Unreleased) [Audio]
Dog Blood Drawing [Art]
Boys Noize Smiley Mask (Legal Paper Size) [Art]
Boys Noize Smiley Mask (A4 Paper Size) [Art]
BNR Collage [Art]
BNR10YR Logo [Art]

Email Unlock
Jackson and His Computerband "Arp #1" (Boys Noize Remix) (Unreleased) [Audio]
SCNTST "Punk01” (Unreleased) [Audio]
SCNTST "Beat03" (Unreleased) [Audio]
Boys Noize Live DJ-Set at Womb, Tokyo (Dec 12, 2014) [Audio]
Dog Blood live 7AM DJ-Set at Monegros Festival (July 19, 2014) [Audio]
Boys Noize "Ich R U“ x "Go“ (VIP Festival Edit) [Audio]
Compilation of 25 BNR Classics [Audio]

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