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Cookers Sets 'Sixteen Chapel' Album & Tour Dates

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Cookers Drops More Singles Ahead of 'Sixteen Chapel' Album/Tour

“The only thing I know how to do is have fun - I never take things too seriously.” -Crookers

We all know how wild Crookers can be, so if you enjoy Biblical readings with some (decaffeinated) tea after work... stay far away from his new tour and upcoming album Sixteen Chapel.

A whole bunch of singles have now been released from the album, but if you need a quick example, check out "Belly Button Tickler." An impossible track to pin down and one that many an electronic purists will surely attempt to scold. Hint - don't even try to contain it.

Another subtle warning for those seeking the non-dangerous is the album's other single - "Dangerous" featuring Midnight. In addition to these tracks, you can listen to some of the album's other singles via Soundcloud.

The Crookers name started to make noise in 2008 when he released a remix of Kid Cudi's "Day 'N Nite," a remix that reached the top 20 in 21 countries and went platinum twice in the US. He's since released two rowdy full length albums leading up to Sixteen Chapel.

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So feel free to smash that tea cup against the wall and check him out on tour after Sixteen Chapel drops March 3rd on Ciao Recordings. Pre-order the album on iTunes. Tracklist and tour dates below.

Cookers Drops More Singles Ahead of 'Sixteen Chapel' Album/Tour

Crookers Sixteen Chapel Tracklist
1. 1+1=1 (Intro)
2. Picture This (Ft. Dilligas)
3. Able To Maximize
4. I Just Can't (Ft. Jeremih)
5. Micio Micio (Skit)
6. Heavy
7. Belly Button Tickler (feat. Mr. MFN eXquire)
8. Dangerous (feat. Midnight)
9. 128Bpm
10. Strokin' (feat. TJR & Antwon)
11. Mark It Up (feat. Beldina)
12. WTP
13. Get Excited (feat. STS)
14. Sgeddo (feat. Zombie Nation)
15. Eyes Eyes Baby (Skit)
16. Ghetto Guetta

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