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Dada Life Open Up In Exclusive New Video

Dada Life Open Up In Exclusive New Video

Dada Life are giving us yet another behind-the-scenes look at their crazy lives.

In continuation of the duo's exclusive interview with DJ Insider, Stefan Engblom opens up even more. We see him dance, discuss the coordination of the world's largest pillow fight, and eat the other half of his meal (it's spicy).

It's easy to make assumptions, but videos like this one actually show you how much goes in to throwing these massive parties. Engblom tells us exactly what kind of experience the artist's are striving toward, and what actually goes in to making that happen. In this case, how and why Dada Land became what it is today.

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The duo have been releasing exclusive video content to DJ Insider for the past few weeks. They've revealed tons of tour and production insight including a production secret behind "Freaks Have More Fun." To gain access to all the Dada Life videos in full, head over to DJ Insider and subscribe.

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