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deadmau5 Rumor Feels Joel's Wrath

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deadmau5 Calls Out Disney Rumors


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Rumors are apparently still running rampant with regard to deadmau5 and Disney. These rumors have apparently become so obnoxious that deadmau5 couldn't take it anymore.

While there was some back-and-forth between the two sides, there is no truth to rumors about the artist losing his head. Take it from deadmau5:

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deadmau5 Calls Out Disney Rumors

You may think this isn't news, but we consider it a responsibility of ours to dispel such ridiculous rumors that are apparently still going strong.

We're not sure why people are believing this would ever actually happen, but it won't. At least not that we can foresee. Most importantly, it isn't happening right now despite the internet's best attempts (really stretching with that phrase) to convince you otherwise.

Take 'em to church, deadmau5.

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