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Decksaver Protects Your Deck From Pretty Much Everything


Protect Ya' Deck!...

A few years ago, I had a small get-together at my apartment. One of my (particularly large) friends put down one too many and ended up collapsing on my Roland Juno-G. Roland, being the "Nokia" of keyboards, meant my keyboard was no worse for the wear. My friend, however, woke up with unexplained knob and fader marks on his back. In retrospect, having one of these bad boys between my keyboard and his big ass would've been nice. We live and learn.

If you're a mobile producer like me, you know that your gear comes and goes. Mitigate the "going" process a little by getting one of these guys.

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The video speaks for itself. If you're worried about their selection, it's choice... check their webstore. They've got hundreds of cases for MIDI controllers, Mixers, CDJ's, even effects units. The team at Decksaver has a long history in plastics design (45 years), and apparently use some of the toughest and tightest materials available.

Considering your rig is one spilled martini away from being a $1,200 paper-weight, you might want to take steps towards protecting it.

Check their full website HERE!

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