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Diplo Making Country Song With Grammy Award Winner?

Diplo Making Country Song With Grammy Award Winner?

The Diplo v. Taylor Swift controversy has gone too far. He has really been flying out of control on Twitter lately in general, but this new Tweet may be the most outrageous Tweet of all.

First it was the Taylor Swift "booty" comment which apparently caused Diplo to receive death threats. Then yesterday it was "Gifgate" which Diplo is still, seemingly, defending himself from. Now though... now we have this Tweet:

Diplo Making Country Song?

Just think of the outrage. The Band Perry just won a Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance with "Gentle On My Mind." Not only does Diplo's twerked bass seem in complete contradiction to country twang, but "Gentle On My Mind"?

It's not hard to find Diplo's recent thoughts - they've been explicitly posted all over twitter on a daily basis - but they appear to be anything but gentle.

Maybe this is all still an effort to gain back Taylor Swift's trust (or friendship, or whatever). Diplo, the artist previously known as Taylor Spliff, did post the above photo from the Grammys with the country star. Is this his weird and wonderful way of saying sorry?

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While a country song might be an EDM "first," even by Avicii standards, it's hardly Diplo's first musical experiment. This can be seen in his recent documentary and the before-he-was-famous Pixies "Hey" re-imagination called "Must Be a Devil."

You might find this all a bit fake, but note that The Band Perry retweeted the post, so there may be more substance to this claim than there appears. Then again, it's hard to infer exactly what Diplo means by "worked only first country song."

Here's the Grammy Award Winning song from The Band Perry. If this does prove to be a collaboration, we wonder if he'll release the track as he is previous alter-ego, Taylor Spliff. Or maybe something else like Swiflo as one of our Facebook fans commented recently.

The end of the twerk starts with a twang. #therealtaylorspliff #swiflo #diploswift

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