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DOUBLE PREMIERE: Swerve Squad Shaking Up EDM

DOUBLE PREMIERE: Swerve Squad Shaking Up EDM

"We sipped on some absinthe in a treehouse together..."

Hide your pop music, hide your puppies, prepare for Rhinos... the Swerve Squad is staging an uprising.

On the same day that Zedd released his new single with Selena Gomez, we bring you this breaking alert from the other side: New bass music collective Swerve Squad has two brand new singles that will make the Grammy's weep.

The group is comprised of AWE (Drummer Turned Magician), Lord Olaf (Swerve Squad's Royal Highne$$), Murphy, (The Puppy Whisperer), RCR (The Only French Rhino), and Yung Orca (The Jester - 100% chance he will steal your girl). All friends from LA, the crew has a real bond rooted in real roots and are clearly on another level. As Lord Olaf notes on their creation:

"One fateful night in 2012 we were all asked to play at this house party in hollywood (because high school functions need 5 DJs). We sipped on some absinthe in a treehouse together and debated LA beat scene vs EDM."

No one, it appears, has yet been able to stop such a force (well, almost no one).

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"The party got shut down by someones mom after an hour, so the 5 of us ended up at the Bourgeoise Pig with some girls from a band. Our creez clicked and later that year RCR hit up AWE, Yung Orca & myself with the idea for Swerve Squad. Murphy linked back up with the squad during a party we played with the homie Djemba Djemba back in '13."

The new crew makes no attempt to please anyone, let alone the mainstream. "Fuck the Oscars" they posted during the performance last night, and these new "DRIFT.MUSIC" singles convey the same kind of attitude.

From their upcoming Squad Up debut EP due February 27th, both singles are heavily based in the beat scene. Murphy gets the title track "Squad Up" which strolls confidently at a slow tempo through a dimly lit fog. Meanwhile, RCR (Rainoh Cee Ross) raises a raucous from an undead arcade, decking out booming beats in glitchy gold.

RCR was outcast in Paris before, but there's no doubt the whole world will be hearing from him and the Swerve Squad soon... whether they like it or not.

"Paris is either 3 years late or LA is 3 years in advance but I know that with time, trunk shaking music will flourish to its apogee and be heard from the Eiffel Tower to Marseille." -RCR

Free Pre-Order of the Squad Up EP is up now (due February 27th).

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