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[Chart] Best New Electro/Progressive Tracks - 2.3.15

[Chart] Best New Electro/Progressive Tracks - 2.3.15


Paris Blohm

Here are the best new electro and progressive tracks for the week!

1. Paris Blohm feat. Charles - "Demons"

Ranking in at number 1 for this weeks charts, Paris Blohm exhibits clearly what this young man is capable of creating. This track exerted a uplifting spirit when it was on from start to finish, and was on repeat for some time this week. From the intro with the trippy echos to the euphoric blast of a drop, this track is a smack right in the feels.

2. Perfect Storm - "Made in June"

The piano, vocals, and synths all came together perfectly in this perfect storm of a track. Not even just that but the message behind the song is what won me over. This track reminded me of Calvin Harris back in the day, and you will see why at the drop.

3. Mightyfools - "Garuda"

This track is grimy, filthy, and bouncy with a little bit of dub. I like the diversity of sounds within just a short amount of time. Music would only have limits if we didnt try to find them. This was creative in every way and that’s what music needs now a days.

4. Henrix ft. Celeda - "The Underground"

Mainstage madness is what I can only imagine when I heard this. Some songs when I hear I can literally imagine Henrix is known for his unique style of production, and if you don’t know why then you need to listen to this.

5. Moguai- "Kixs"

I love my hardstyle as well as my house, and to have these sounds mixed together is heaven. What I enjoyed the most was the clean buildup that transitioned perfectly into the hard progressive drop. Moguai said himself, “I wanted this track to be unique from every other song coming out now a days. Alot of the real good music has been distorted within these past few years.”

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6. Brazzabelle - "Holy Shit"

If gladiators back in AD times listened to EDM I am sure they would play this track before a big match. I really like the roman and ancient feel of the track.  Just close you're eyes and day dream. This young diverse woman stepped it up big time with this massive track.

7. Blue lagoon - "Dirty Jemz"

This was without a doubt a track that I could see fitting in anywhere in a set. It has a funky house feel to me with a electro twist of course. Perfect track to have for all DJ’s to have in their database.

8. Destructo - "Party Up (GTA Remix)"

Party up to this track with a drink in hand and friends around because its one to get you moving. This drop has such a old school GTA style and that is what I like. That bouncy, jumpy, trippy beat just makes you sing along and dance. If you have not heard this yet check it out now.

9. Bingo Players - "Nothing to Say"

The legacy of Bingo Players lives on with this new release on Hysteria Records. This isnt just your average EDM track either. I love the way it was organized and composed. The sounds used in this track are just mesmerizing and heavenly. I would love to see this live at EDC or Ultra, I can only imagine what the production is like behind a track like this.

10. Sander Van Doorn, Firebeatz, & Julian Jordan - "Rage"

This song is just ridiculous, dirty, nasty, and everything that makes you feel grimy. The lead into the melody is just so clean, followed by such a strong drop, you can’t help but replay it over and over. It is official out February 16 so make sure to keep a eye out for it. .

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