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Emerging Indie Dance Artist Gets Intimate

Emerging Indie Dance Artist Gets Intimate

There's something intrinsically fascinating about seeing a star on the rise. You get to see them raw, unpolished, and fully impassioned. So often though, you only appreciate the impact in hindsight. An impact that seems to be coming for indie dance group Emerson Jay.

The emerging artist and group just released a bedroom session for their latest single "SMOK" where you can see Jared Gulden perform the track in an up close and personal environment.

In a world of DJs pushing buttons on elaborately constructed stages that spare no expense, it's pretty invigorating to see a tune played live in such a humbling setting.

Emerging Indie Dance Artist Gets Intimate


Emerson Jay at Duquesne University

I was able to catch part of the group's performance at Electric Forest this past year and was blown away. Maybe it was the golden sun streaming through the shady trees, but the small performance really struck me. The sunlight seemed only to reflect the shimmering dance party that Emerson Jay was throwing.

I also spoke with the man himself who was as amazed by the support as I was from the performance. He even noted how they were adorning homemade clothes that their festival camping neighbor asked them to wear.

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There wasn't a huge crowd to experience the show, but those who were there know how impressive it was. So even if Emerson Jay doesn't achieve traditional fame (and this fame is very attainable for their talent), it's still pretty amazing to be in-the-know and see a personal performance.

Emerging Indie Dance Artist Gets Intimate


Emerson Jay and Friends at Electric Forest

If they make a stop in your city, you'll know where the best show will be that night. Check out the bedroom session below and my personal favorite track "Golden Lights."

Support Emerson Jay by downloading the dance party on iTunes.

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