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FINALLY... Playmoss Mixes Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo

FINALLY... Playmoss Mixes Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo

There's a new media platform in town and it's inviting pretty much everyone to the party. Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo are secluded no longer thanks to Playmoss, and it's about time.

Playmoss has created the created a new website and app for their very much needed media service. They let you search for music and create playlists from various sources all in one place. So no longer do you have to create separate playlists on Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. The content is finally all partying in one spot.

The best part is that these playlists can be shared in full and embedded. The possibilities for music are obvious, but this applies to video too, and even album art as Playmoss has incorporated an artwork section.

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There are already plenty of playlists to explore too if you just want to check it out. We've included a playlist from Blond:ish below which features tracks and video from YouTube and Soundcloud. It all streams in full, continuously. So you only have to hit play once. Set up your account for free at Playmoss and start creating your own mixes.

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