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Flume Leaves What So Not


Flume Leaves What So Not

What So Not, as we know it, is over. Flume posted a message to Facebook late Friday night confirming that he's leaving the duo, signing the message under his birth name with affection.

Flume Leaves What So Not

Flume's chill style never seemed to really fit with the duo's monster bass anthems, but that was always the case. No matter the reason, it's always sad to see the break up of a creative team with this much influence (though it's still unclear whether or not Emoh will continue to carry the moniker).

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Perhaps not so coincidentally, Flume's latest post on Soundcloud is a remix to Arcade Fire's "Afterlife" in which the band asks "after all this time, it's like nothing else we used to know... I've gotta know, can we work it out? If we scream and shout? 'Till we work it out?"

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