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Fool's Gold Co-Founder - Nick Catchdubs - Announces LP

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Fool's Gold Co-Founder, Nick Catchdubs, Announces LP

It's hard believe there was music that didn't fit on Fool's Gold, but co-founder Nick Catchdubs says that's where his new album Smoke Machine is coming from.

" the process of making music for other artists and helping with their projects, there would always be tracks we made that never quite fit. In a weird way, those oddballs were the songs that felt the most like me." -Nick Catchdubs

Catchdubs co-founded Fool's Gold with A-Trak of course, a name whose music has done a more obvious job at reaching the masses. When listening to Catchdubs' new single "Full House" it's not immediately apparent why this style of music has been suppressed.

Funk is in full effect on "Full House" with bass blown to smithereens and guitar riff kitsch. It's reminiscent of Jack Ü which is made even more familiar by the effective Niv Bavarsky cover art.

Smoke Machine also includes previously released singles "Wuts That" and "Bizness", the latter of which is so old that the branding doesn't even apply. Every track released so far is basically hip hop boiled in a steaming bath of electronic acid funk. Obviously a long time coming and a misfit we've been waiting for.


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