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FREE DOWNLOAD: Kaskade - A Little More (PeaceTreaty Remix)

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Kaskade - A Little More (PeaceTreaty Remix)

With "A Little More", Kaskade delivered a grand finale of euphoria through a cinematic scope of progression. There wasn't much left to ask for... except one thing.

Beautiful vocals - check. Violins - check. Euphoria - c'mon... this is Kaskade we're talking about here. The only thing that could be added to give the wide-eyed track more depth was something sinister. Some kind of an edge. Some kind of PeaceTreaty for example.

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The duo's effect on the track is modest but impactful. Not much is taken away, but PeaceTreaty turns "A Little More" into nothing less than a progressive force. The remix doesn't just passively soak up the feels anymore, it's now determined to go out and create them for itself.

Download Kaskade's "A Little More (PeaceTreaty Remix)" for free below.

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