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Fresh Selection: Paradisko & FINAL DJs - 'Astropine (Munk Remix)'

Paradisko - Astropine Remixes EP Cover

One quick way to describe the latest remix from GOMMA head honcho Munk is Germans remixing Germans collaborating with Germans. Yeah, a lot of German action going on, and we at Magnetic are all about it, so naturally we are elated to present in our fresh selection series Munk's remix of "Astropine" by Paradisko & FINAL DJs.

It is a chilled out space disco journey that is going to get you grooving. The bongos might be my favorite part, but then the synthwork is wonderful. The blend of acoustic and the electronic imbues the remix with a great life. This is the type of song that comes alive and dances with you.

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Monk, along with Telonius Imbery, run the indie disco and future house label GOMMA, which some critics describe as the German response to DFA. If you love contemporary disco, then GOMMA is a must know label. It does the disco job right every time!

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