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Fresh Selection: Alec Maire - Monday


Fresh Selection: Alec Maire - Monday

It was a bold choice titling a song Monday if you ask me. It's indisputably the least favorite day of the week the world over. Yet, Alec Maire took it on himself to give you some hope that the week beginning is not a death sentence, it's a chance to make the most of your week from the very start! Melodic and full of positivity, this song is going to brighten your day, regardless of what day it is. It is absolutely on trend with the tropical & melodic house explosion, but there is a more to this song merely than going with trend. Alec Maire indicated this song was a slight departure for his style, and I recommend he pursue it a bit more.

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"I stepped out of my usual boundaries to create this melodic, relaxing track, and I really enjoyed it. I hope it helps make each of your mondays as enjoyable and relaxing as possible! :)" - Alec Maire

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