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Fresh Selection: Wax Motif - Since I Left You


Fresh Selection: Wax Motif - Since I Left You

Songs forged in the midst of turmoil yield some of the best music you will ever hear. Channelling the negative and transmuting it into positive is a beautiful talent, and Wax Motif demonstrates his prowess in changing darkness to light in this latest selection 'Since I Left You'. There is a lot of heart in this song, it's not just a tune to dance out to, but there is depth that will inspire a bit of deep thought and meditation. Press play on the song, and then scroll down and see what Wax Motif had to say about this special tune.

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"So this is a track I did almost over a year ago now. It was during a really difficult time for me as I was new in America and my ex and I had just split up. I was just crashing out on people couches or guestrooms, whoever would have me, while I tried to figure out if I was gonna even keep going with music. It was a Friday night and I really didn't feel like going out and my friend who I was crashing with had a studio so I sparked one up and this is where "Since I Left You" was born." - Wax Motif

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