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The FreshLIST 033: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]

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Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you’ll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Hozier – Take Me To Church (TEEMID & Jasmine Thompson Edition)

When songs are hot, you see everyone and their grandmother remixing them. Now, this song from Hozier definitely falls into that category, but god damn this song SOARS above the rest. It’s a cover, and it flies to amazing heights. The female vocalist sings this song right to the moon! It captures all the strength the first iteration, but then it goes on its own sonic journey. I love the Enya echoing as well, like a lot!

PillowTalk – Big Pillows (PT Juicy Edit)

Some think you should never touch a classic, others think you should put your fingers all over it. Certainly, you need to use great judgement when you take on a huge song, especially anything by Notorious B.I.G. With all of that in mind, we are excited to share with you "Big Pillows" by PillowTalk. San Francisco's PillowTalk made a great decision to take on Juicy, and they took it to a wonderfully Crew Love place. They breathe a renewing energy into one of the biggest songs in hip hop, and take it to a completely new place entirely. This isn't a remix, this is a beautiful song paying respect to a legend by working with him.

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Beshken feat. Soraya – Right Time

It’s the right time. It’s the right time to chill. It’s the right time for Beshken and Soraya to shine. Deep house is flavor of the month, no denying that, but deep disco, now there’s something you don’t hear all the time. ‘Right Time’ by Beshken and Soraya is the right way to go about chilling with plenty of feeling. There is the deepness and the disco-ness that gets you dancing and loving life. Soraya’s vocal strength is versatile and top notch, and Beshken’s musical talent supports and interweaves Soraya’s voice perfectly to make the right song.

Mr. Carmack – Fluxed Out

Mr. Carmack is a bit of a new mystery to me. He is ascending as a self made man, and as his twitter profile proclaims, he makes music like nobody’s listening. Hailing from Hawaii with a progressive style that fuses hip hop and dance music. This fresh selection is a great bit of pensive downtempo with a positive vibe. Sit back, have some thoughts, and enjoy Mr. Carmack’s intriguing sonic identity.

Nightriders - In Your Eyes

Fans of the deep and meditative, you are in for something special with our latest Fresh Premiere of 'In Your Eyes' by Nightriders. They are a duo from Boston who pursue the moodier side of the house music spectrum. Slow moving, soulful and at times hypnotizing, Nightriders make much more than mere dance music, they make something for your mind, body and soul. 'In Your Eyes' is a meditative tune that burns slow and sensual. With an ethereal intro that starts in a mysterious locale, the song moves along picking up an intriguing energy that culminates in a bold groove. Nightriders have a mystical quality I must admit, and with that being said, I am a definite fan of their magic.

Deep Active Sound ft Cotry – Higher

Clap your hands and get ready to move, Deep Active Sound and Cotry are on a mission to get you dancing. A sultry voice and subtle start gets the song moving in the right direction, and with eclectic elements and plenty of experimentation, this is not your average work of dance music. It draws on deep house influence, a touch of the dance punk vibe a la LCD or Holy Ghost, and a great disco feel throughout.

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