Hardwell Leaks Huge Calvin Harris Remix

Hardwell Drops Huge Calvin Harris Remix


Photo from Ushvaia Hotel Ibiza.

Remember when Hardwell actually produced game changing electro? Maybe you don't - it's been a while. But that Hardwell is back and stronger than ever.

He had us all hot and bothered with "Sally," but this latest remix of a big Calvin Harris tune is just plain hot.

Remixing such an electronic celebrity doesn't exactly fit with the "less safe" and "experimental" approach he told Billboard he was ready to embrace, but we're giving him a pass on this one. He toughens up the drop on "Outside" to such effect that it would only seem at home in the heaviest of industrial environments. Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding's vocals are not only spared, but bedazzled by shimmering synths.

This is the Hardwell we've been missing. His "Outside" remix is a restless flamethrower with the ability to torch any bad memories you had of his prior releases. The full remix is set drop Friday (2/20) on Hardwell On Air (HOA205).

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