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Hilarious 'Whiplash' Parody Takes On EDM

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Hilarious 'Whiplash' Parody Takes On EDM

Finally, a movie about EDM that really understands the culture. None of that Electric Sky, psychotic DJ garbage... these are the blood and tears (literally) of the scene. If only it were real...

A new trailer has emerged for "DJ Wh1pla$h", a parody from Nacho Punch of the trailer for the drummer drama "Whiplash" (in which J.K. Simmons just won an Oscar for his portrayal of the instructor btw). And it is so on the mark.

It had me at "everyone take your molly," but there's also something gratifying about seeing a guy pound the play button on his laptop until his fingers bleed. Meanwhile, his girlfriend's expression are as priceless as is her anti-climactic reveal.

With catch phrases and one-liners galore, there's plenty of sarcastic responses for your friends when they get a little too EDM. "There are no two words in the English language," the Skrillex Prof states, "more harmful in than..."

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...Well... hear it for yourself below, bruh.

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