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Hospitality Night At Building Six Is Why I Woke Up Like This


Building Six is a large club space buried within the awe inspiring O2 complex in Greenwich, South East London. Previously, it has been known as Matter and was owned by Fabric back in the day. This has since closed and the venue has been turned into a rentable event space which Hospitality has taken residency of for the year 2015.

Whatever you know it as, end of the day – it’s a bit of a jaunt out of central London and there would need to be motivation behind the mission. This said, Hospitality were in this very space last year, and it was an absolute sell out.

You couldn’t bully even a scalper into parting with their ticket. Two rooms. One was labelled up Hospitality, and the other represented outside label or Med School talent such as Icicle, Emperor, Whiney and Kimyan Law. Big spread of talent and definitely something for everyone, whatever the mood or feeling behind their night.

This year, I wasn’t missing out - Hospitality at Building Six was happening.

The set list for the night was as follows:


One moan, and I’ll get it out of the way quick! The queue for coat check was in a word, ridiculous. You wouldn’t line up outside for an hour in an enormous shuffling queue for the cause of anything but something really special – not this winter, I’m telling you now. I don’t know what was more painful, the frostbite or realising you were missing Whiney because of your desire not to wear arctoic thermals on the dancefloor. Anyway, I’m done.

Once that ordeal was over, the chill was dealt to with a roaster of a set by Nu:Tone who was joined by Lea Lea for their track, Tides. Nice touch! Regrettably, I didn’t see Krakota who was on beforehand…but feel like he’s going to be around for a bit longer. Hoping to catch him one day very soon!

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Room 2, situated upstairs, was a good space-view and shape cutting domain was unrestricted by large hulking pillars.  Dub Phizix bounced it out in there big time and "Buffalo" was one of my absolute highlights. Whilst I bellowed "Buffalo" like a mad cow on repeat upstairs, my mates ran away to Danny Byrd downstairs. With the text feedback being that he was legendary, as always, I was lured down there with them.

True to form, I then managed to miss the one person I most wanted to see – the big blonde Dutchman himself – Icicle. I need to have a stern word with myself and tape the set list to my face next time. Luckily, I’ve seen this morning that Shogun are putting on a huge night on March 20th so the disappointment is starting to ease.

In Room 1 (in my version of events anyway) the night really started to pull proper dnb rank once London Elek took the stage downstairs. Then S.P.Y got up on those boards and well –  you couldn't have dragged me out by my hair.  S.P.Y  - what a lad! Truly so much respect, he always kills it.

Metrik and Reso then took the crowd out to the early hours with the help of the main MC man, the charming Dynamite MC. Judging by the unusual numbers still present at 6 a.m., no one was in any rush to leave.

I woke up in the afternoon with aching ankles, a Hospital T-shirt crumpled lovingly in my bag...and then I sneezed and nearly popped my back out. Yes Hospital! Epic evidence of a drum and bass night well managed. Hospital Records have done it again. Brilliant line-up, slickly executed and if you’re skim reading this review and want me to shut up and get to the point?

Bottom line – it was Hospitality standard good –  a kick ass 12 out of 10.

For those of you who have had your interest tweaked, there is a similarly wicked event come the break of summer that tickets are currently flying for. Line up features Camo & Krooked, Etherwood, High Contrast, SpectraSoul, Fred V & his boy Grafix, Logistics…just typing the names out is stirring up all sorts of feelings of longing.

Tickets can be swizzled here so get in quick or I’ll be saying ‘I told you so’ come the first of May!

Images courtesy of Hospitality

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