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House Premiere: Chrissie Stereo - Pray For Me

House Premiere: Chrissie Stereo - Pray For Me


Photo by Star Sargenti

Prepare to get in touch with your deeper side. "Pray For Me" is about to lift you out of the commercialized hustle from the inside out. Hear this and be saved.

Not adhering to any one trend, the track sounds more transcendent than anything. It's house no doubt, but the kick and bassline have a rough texture that stands in contrast to the smooth minimalism most prevalent in the genre currently.

As deep house increases its popularity, more and more artists can be expected to divert from their own sound and jump aboard. Chrissie Stereo though says she's been in touch with the deeper side of things for some time. Having played both Long Beach and Alaska Pride last year, her music means far more to her than a career.

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"All that I create as a Psychic and Spiritual Leader aims to fulfill my heart's desire to offer people a moment of sound where they can transform, heal and awaken." -Chrissie Stereo

"Pray For Me" will be available very soon on iTunes and Spotify and is the first single from her upcoming debut album Frequency set to be released this Spring.

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