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Does Jack U Album Live Up To The Persona?


Jack U Drop New Album With Justin Bieber

So the official Jack Ü album is out. You've almost certainly heard about this now since Skrillex and Diplo are major music icons. Does the new album live up the hype?

Their debut album dropped last night during their 24-hour live broadcast, and it features 2 Chainz and Justin Bieber among the already expected Kiesza and Missy Elliot. The album sounds distinctly Jack U, using their patented warped vocal samples and funky breaks.

"Jungle Bae" and "Holla Out" breakout in their own style a little bit, with the former dropping into that moombahton flow, and the latter raging with a modernized dubstep. "Take Ü There" gets twice a play, as the popular Missy Elliott version caps things off in a one-last-time kind of way.

There's nothing overly crazy here, just more of the same Diplo funk and Skrillex breaks with their flare for the vocal warp. It's all good and fun, but it seems to land squarely into expected territory for the unexpected duo. It doesn't even have a title. Similar in appearance, maybe the upcoming Nick Catchdubs album is the real "weird" we've been waiting for.

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What do you think? Are Jack Ü as big as their personas? Or has it all gone to their heads? Listen and let us know below.

You can stream the album on Spotify now or download it via iTunes.

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