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Jack U 'Remixed' By Missy Elliott

Jack U 'Remixed' By Missy Elliott

The line between hip hop and bass is more blurred than ever. Jack U just released their "Take U There" Missy Elliott remix and not only does it fit in, it stands out.

The term "remix" is used strictly in a hip hop sense here meaning there really isn't much (if any) change on the original instrumental. All it really means is that Missy Elliott raps over the track. Yet, she doesn't sound like an imposter at all. In fact, this remix actually sounds like the natural version of the track.

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Don't pretend you expected the degree of funk Diplo and Skrillex dropped on "Take U There." The track builds up so much tension, we were all surprised when the trigger was pulled and all we got was confetti. It was fun but a bit unexpected. As this Missy Elliott remix proves, "Take U There" has always sided a bit more with hip hop whether we knew it or not.

The official Jack U album will be out later this month as hinted by Diplo.

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