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JNCO Bringing Back Phat Pants

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Why are you wearing skinny jeans?

There's a certain acronym for electronic dance music that all the cool kids are using. We all know what it is. And though it's been kind of joke at times, it's coming back as wide as ever.

JNCO just announced they're bringing back the phat pant. A raving icon from the 90s survived only by the most hardcore today... until now.

"We are going to roll out our first wide legs that we introduced in the early
years . Once we have built our foundation again, we will get a bit more "crazy" with the designs." -JNCO

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But the Los Angeles brand isn't limiting itself on styles either. While calling themselves the "originator" of the "wide leg," they plan to offer a "huge range in styles from skinny, to joggers, to slouchy, and wide leg, just to name a few." A 50-inch may be in the mix as well.

JNCO Bringing Back Phat Pants

A "Heritage line" is expected to be released for purchase on the internet website as soon as April, with stores selling the clothing afterward depending on how much buzz is generated (we're doing our part...).

The company's new website is looking good, though they're proving their age a bit on Facebook, with a strange first-person reply to consumers. Fitting perhaps. Oh the golden years of social media and crazy raves.

"I am happy to tell you YES, we are back with a vengeance." -JNCO

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