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Josh Pan Is 20 People (According To Josh Pan)

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Josh Pan Is 20 People (According To Josh Pan)

Josh Pan is not a person. Josh pan is a movement of 20 people. A movement fathered by Skrillex. This all according to Josh Pan.

Josh Pan Really A Collective Fathered By Skrillex?

NestHQ posted the story on several revealing Tweets from Josh Pan this weekend which led to several comment from the mind-blown to the "I knew its."

"sure seemed like 'Josh' was pumping out tracks crazy fast" -Twitter comment

The NestHQ article leaves the mystery an open-ended one, not actually saying for sure that the "artist" is really a collection of 20. The 13 musicians in the collective according to Soundcloud are @cavalierbeats, @dirtychocolate, @lucalush, @whispawave, @yungbae, @polo, @y2k2y, @madeaux, @manilakilla, @jaiwolfmusic, @whoispham, @harrison_music, and @flamingosis. The Soundcloud page also denotes Skrillex as "father."

Bios for Josh Pan now read "a design house//label//collective//dream-team based out of NYC" and "we are josh pan.

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So what happens when you see Josh Pan on a lineup then? Who should you expect? The answer apparently is any one of the artist from the collective.

Josh Pan Really A Collective Fathered By Skrillex?

The NestHQ article quotes several of the collective's alleged artists and includes the following notes:

 “I found myself inducted into the group via Sean (Luca Lush). The cast of characters involved are really talented, it’s been an honor and a privilege to work alongside them.” -Madeaux

“Beck needs to respect artistry. he should have given his award to Josh Pan” - Whispa

"Father Skrillex" so far has only reposted the NestHQ story to Facebook. So what do you think? Is Skrillex really behind one of the biggest twists in EDM?

Josh Pan Really A Collective Fathered By Skrillex?

Original article from NestHQ

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