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Kaskade Tops Mountainous Music Festival

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Kaskade Tops Mountainous Music Festival

Called "Sea To Sky" country, the city of Squamish, British Columbia is home to mountains and ocean, forest and fresh air. But this land was made for more than you and me - it's hosting the Squamish Valley Music Festival and featuring some major talent.

While the music is as varied as the environment, artists like Kaskade, Hot Chip, Porter Robinson, and Adventure Club represent a portion of the dance variety. Odesza even soundtracks the preview video. But how could we not mention other acts like Schoolboy Q or Slightly Stoopid? There's plenty more to see below too and we wouldn't count out a sasquatch sighting either.

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Kaskade Tops Mountainous Squamish Valley Festival

The Squamish Valley Music Festival (or SVMF) will take place from August 7-9th, "halfway between downtown Vancouver and Whistler's high alpine." The NY Times calls it one of the "52 Places To Go In 2015." It's secluded but the official website offers you several suggestions on hotels and directions.

Pick up your tickets here starting February 26th and visit the website for more details.

Lead photo by Jonathan Evans

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