Kolombo (Loulou Records) at Monday Social - 2.16.2015

Kolombo (Loulou Records) at Monday Social - 2.16.2015

Monday Social has a good reason for you to stretch out that three day weekend just a little bit longer because Belgian DJ & producer Olivier Grégoire, better known as Kolombo will be making his Monday Social debut tomorrow night alongside local LA favorites Travis Emmons & Brady Spear.

Over the past few years, Kolombo has experimented with different genres by using different pseudonyms. However, it his with his identity as Kolombo that has resonated the most with dance music fans. He runs his own imprint Loulou Records which has produced some massive underground hits and he even has recorded on various labels throughout the industry such as and Kompakt, Gigolo, R&S, Cocoon, Throne Of Blood, Misericord, International Feel, Permanent Vacation, & Endless Flight.

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$15 tickets are still available for purchase at Wantickets

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Monday Social takes place at Sound Nightclub every Monday night at 1642 Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028

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