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Lights Down Low Getting After It In 2015


Rave lords, purveyors of the best underground parties around, impresarios of top notch talent - Lights Down Low are many things and in 2015 they are absolutely on fire. Take this for instance, they couldn't wait just one more year to throw one of their biggest parties to date, they had to go all in on celebrating their 9th year of nightlife conquest! So, since these deep, dark movers and shakers decided to really make some moves this year, we decided it was a good idea to take a minute and document all that Richie Panic and Corey Sizemore have lined up from LA to the Bay and back again.

February 27 - Lights Down Low 9 Year Anniversary


On February 27, 2015, Lights Down Low come in real hot to Public Works in San Francisco for their 9 year anniversary with Cyril Hahn, Kevin Saunderson, Todd Edwards, MJ Cole, Jonas Rathsman, Richie Panic, Corey Sizemore and DJ Dials. Yeah, take a minute and let all that sink in... This is going to be a legendary anniversary! Forget your 10 year anniversaries, Lights Down Low are about that nine year life! Get your tickets HERE!

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March 7 - Tiga

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Girl walks up to me and says, "Lights Down Low booked a legend. You know who?" I say, "Tiga". You read that right, one of the sassiest Canadians around is coming through to San Francisco all thanks to these Lights Down Low characters. I already have my ticket, why don't you have yours?

March 28 - DeeTron


Come with LDL on a journey through time and rave cave. Deetron will take you to a special place full of warm techno and damn fine party vibes. He's a renowned master, so get ready to do some of your finest footwork. Don't hesitate, don't wait anymore, BUY YOUR TICKETS ALREADY!

April 10 - Gesaffelstein (DJ Set)


This bromantic character should need no explanation to the experienced and seasoned techno enthusiast. To those just getting into the techno know, or those new to the Lights Down Low party, then Gesaffelstein is one of the greatest new techno acts. He is formally ending his live show this year at Coachella, so if you are not making your way to the desert in April, then LDL has you covered. Techno tickets here!

May 21 - Hot Since 82


Every show I have been to with a certain Hot Since 82 behind the decks has been just the absolute best. Keep it hot since twenty fifteen and snag your ticket on the soonish side of things or right now, right here!

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