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The M Machine Proves They Aren't Afraid Of Change

The M Machine Proves They Aren't Afraid Of Change With Avalon Performance

The last six months have been a major test for The M Machine. Based out of San Francisco, the always cutting edge electronic project moved on from their successful Metropolis series, straying from schizophrenic synthesizers and gearing towards Dirtybird-influenced house tracks. A move like this can be detrimental to your fan base, but The M Machine handled the transition with ease and brought a fresh sound to the table.

The result was their Just Like EP, released on OWSLA and focusing primarily on a steady mixture of pitched vocals and bouncy instrumentations. It wasn't the sound we came to love back in 2011, but there was no denying that The M Machine hadn't lost their spark when it came to innovation. They've been open about their passion for music like this, so who could blame them for wanting to make what they love?

The M Machine Proves They Aren't Afraid Of Change With Avalon Performance

Beyond the change in musical direction, the group announced last week that Andy Coenen would be leaving to pursue his love for technology. Coenen had been touring and making music with Eric and Swardy for over six years, dating back to the Pance Party days and focusing much of his attention towards developing The M Machine's unique live performances.

Regardless, the roster change didn't affect anything when The M Machine showed up to perform at Avalon for Control last Friday. Switching back and forth between providing beats and controlling their visuals, we watched as Eric and Swardy pummeled through club-rattling house tunes from the second they stepped up. Their initial focus was clearly giving fans an insight into their recent EP, getting the crowd moving with a handful of cuts off Just Like as they eased into a memorable groove.

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The M Machine Proves They Aren't Afraid Of Change With Avalon Performance

As the set continued, audience members were also treated to songs from Justin Martin and Fake Blood, select tracks from the Metropolis series, and their unforgettable take on "Lucid Dreams" from Mat Zo. They played a well-rounded set, and even jumped on the mic to state "We're way over our time slot, but are going to play a few more because we are having so much fun."

With these words ringing through Avalon, you couldn't help but be happy for the duo. Jumping on the mic one last time, they stated "We want to thank you guys so much for rocking with us. There's been a lot of change in our lives recently, and it means the world to us that you guys are still being so supportive."

Be sure to check out The M Machine as they tour across North America throughout February and into March, along with another stacked Control lineup this Friday that includes Mayhem, TWRK, and Jackal.


All photographs by: Oh Day Yo Photography

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