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Madeon & Passion Pit Drop 'Pay No Mind' Collabo

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Madeon & Passion Pit Drop 'Pay No Mind' Collabo


Cropped photo from Madeon's Facebook page

If his new collaboration with Passion Pit is any indication, Madeon may be have one of the biggest albums of 2015. Is it too early to start thinking Grammys?

"Pay No Mind" is just as explosive as you'd imagine coming from such expressive artists. Michael Angelakos hops freely from one disco ball to the next across Madeon's funky dancefloor synths. It's almost as if Daft Punk shed themselves of their artificial armor, dove into a pool of multicolored paint and got blasted with confetti.

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We've already witnessed the vibrant depths of the album's previous single "You're On" and have tracks featuring Bastille and Mark Foster (Foster The People) still to come. Madeon has also said we can expect his own vocals on the album.

Daft Punk did well at last year's Grammys with Random Access Memories (as in Album of the Year-well), and Madeon's Adventure is sounding almost as funky with far more energy. With all the talent on board and one huge hit being released after the next, it's easy to see Adventure topping overall charts when it's released March 31st.

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