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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast And Interview: Robbie Rivera

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast And Interview: Robbie Rivera

You've been DJing for quite some time and started out carrying boxes full of vinyl, etc. How do you think this new "EDM" revolution has changed the art of DJing for better or worse?

Yes, I have been DJing for a while so I have seen many changes. The EDM revolution blew up a lot of DJs to some amazing status, which is great, but it also changed the whole scene. As of late, I’m happy that it has all calmed down and people are loving House music again. The “EDM” or “commercial” sounds are already boring in my opinion, there are just too many tracks coming out that sound the same. I’m not going to be a hater, some are good, but I do miss the groove!

What are your weapons of choice in the DJ booth (CDJs, Controller, etc)?
I use 3 CDJ 2000s (latest model) and the Pioneer mixer. I’m still a fan of USB drives and have never tried DJing with my laptop so I’m not sure I would really like it.

Who are some of the young DJs that are really impressing you at the moment?

None. I play music from established producers. The only new generation of talent that I’m slowly listening to are the House / Tech House producers. I get a lot of promos from young DJs but they all sound “EDM”ish. If I want to play a hard banger I play my own productions.

What are the plans for the Juicy Beach party in Miami this year?

It’s a secret at the moment, but I might announce something soon. Still in the works.

When you hear the term Deep house being thrown around so much these days in reference to music that really is not, well, Deep House? What do you think?

Annoying. A lot of the Deep House played on the radio or charting is like 119 BPM. This what the older Djs refer to as chill house. I do in fact like a lot of this new “Deep House,” but it does not all fall under this genre.

If you could revive one legendary house party or venue, say like Paradise Garage, The Warehouse, Body & Soul, etc. What would you choose?

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The Sound Factory in New York. I played some killer sets there.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

If you could do a 2x4 set with any DJ in the world, alive or dead, who would you choose?

I would love to go B2B with Fatboy Slim!

One thing you love about the EDM scene as it is now and one thing you hate?

That it is still around and globally supported. One thing I hate is that anybody with no skills and a laptop can become a “well respected”

MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast: Robbie Rivera by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Guest Mix Track List:
1. Maximus Bellini-I want a Freak
2. Ron Carroll & Emilio Hernandez-Someone
3. Jack Holiday-Yes
4. Madonna-Living for Love-Thrill remix
5. Robbie Rivera & Paige-Dirty Little Things
6. Agua Sin Gas-Ma Sa Ko
7. Zeds Dead & Oliver Helden-You Know
8. The CC’s-Obsession-Robbie Rivera mix
9. Robbie Rivera-Sexy Anytime-DJ PP mix
10. L’trie-This Feeling

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