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Magnetic's Mexico Dispatch: Mexico City, Mole and EDM

Hello, this is The Electroclassic, and I’m glad to be reporting from Mexico for all of you Magnetic fans. So this is my city:

Bellas Artes Palace Photo

Photo by Eneas De Troya

Magnetic's Mexico Dispatch: Mexico City, Mole and EDM

‘The city of the palaces’ as everybody know it. It’s a beautiful place. It has a variety of places for each subculture that co-exist with the city. Here, one of the most loved generes is rock. Yep, not EDM, although, the electronic music scene is getting stronger than ever.

Up in the photo is the Bellas Artes Palace, the center of the orchestral music, there you can go and listen to the all-time classic artists: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart… But also a bit of OUR EDM, like Nortec Collective (If you don’t know who they are, you should check their Spotify Artist Page here. As I said, rock is what rocks Mexico City, all types of it, from Rock En Tu Idioma (Translated rock in your language, another way to call mexican spanish rock) to indie like Austin TV and Hello Seahorse, both Mexican.

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Let's talk about our mole (In spanish, you say “Eso es tu mole” referring to the Mole, typical food from Puebla, best know because of been very difficult to cook, and using that word to express a subject in where you are an expert): EDM.

The Dance scene is starting to get strong, with shows like ASOT more frequent and being broadcasted through the internet, the recent presentation of the EDC and that this year will be its second, the Skrillex Mothership tour in 2012 featuring 12th Planet and ZEDD, a ZEDD solo show and a Hardwell solo show. We are having an incredible amount of visits from these artists and it's growing!

Mexico City, the city of the palaces, the “most surrealist city in the world” as tagged by Dalí, the second city with the greatest amount of museums in the world, and we are receiving the EDM scene with open arms, and I’ll be here to show you what’s going on down here, and if you are planning to visit #CDMX this summer, well, don’t be scared, it’s still secure enough to enjoy a concert. Trust me, I live there :)

Poster photo by Esparta Palma from Flickr

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