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Magnetic's Miami Dispatch: Going Up, On A Tuesday


Magnetic's Miami Dispatch: Going Up, On A Tuesday

If you work retail then you have no doubt experienced the struggle of trying to find something to do on your “weekend," regardless of whether or not it starts on the traditional Friday night. Luckily for me, the party doesn’t really stop in Miami -- although there are certainly fewer options earlier in the week.

However, this past Tuesday you didn’t have to search long and HARD (pun intended? not funny?)... it was clear where the party was: The HARD Holy Ship! Pre-Party at Space.

I had a lot of extra motivation to head out to the clubs that night other than the fact that it was my day off and the start of my me-time. As I finished my appointment with Javier at Miles & Lyle Luxury Barber Shop (Guys, this is the only place you should get your haircut in North Miami), my phone rang.

“Hey Man! Whatsup? What are you doing tonight? We’re in town for Holy Ship! and we’re gonna hit up the pre-party tonight, you should come!” said a familiar voice.

So now I had a fresh haircut and old friends to go see; all of a sudden I had a feeling that the night was going to be a good night; A good, good night.



Me and my new haircut.

After the pre-game and catching up was over, we made our way out to Space. It was time for some music. We entered the club and headed up to the Loft where Jack Beats was playing. They were dropping a nice mix of their signature fidget sound and some tech-house, but for the most part, their set carried the vibes of their Dirtybird influenced track, “Just A Beat." The energy was great and the excitement for the cruise was evident; there were also a lot of people who you could tell were not Miami locals.

Some Canadians in tank tops and flip-flops attempted to make conversation with me over the loud system, they could hardly contain their giddiness for nice weather and good music. South Florida has been experiencing a bit of a cold spell this last week, so my eyebrow popped up at “nice weather," prompting them to fill me in on the fact that they were from the arctic plains of Saskatchewan.

“Oh,” I responded, “you guys are in for a treat then!”

“Yeah man, we can’t wait! Do you know who the surprise special guest is tonight?”

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“Special guest?? No I don’t, sort of just found out about this a few hours ago actually.”

“Yeah! Someone is going to go back-to-back with Baauer! I wonder who it is….”

At which point, they shuffled off into the dance-floor and I made my way back to the bar. I ran into one of the friends I arrived with, so I relayed this new information. He didn’t realize there would be a special guest either. Now I was really curious. Who could it be?


As I ordered a drink I went over what I could remember of the Holy Ship! Lineup. While I was pondering the possibilities, Jack Beats wrapped up their set and Destructo took over. He was going b2b with Busy P and the first track of their set was ear-shredding electro house; the vibe of the night suddenly shifted dramatically. Thankfully, Destructo is an incredible DJ and he felt the stagnant energy of the dance-floor leading him to react appropriately and follow Jack Beats’s lead, going on to play some techy/tribal tracks for the remainder of their set.

Very nice.

At this point, the night had continuously gone back-and-forth between the sounds that got the performers to where they were and the sounds that are hot right now, so I really had no idea what to expect from the special guest, or any idea who it would be.

Maybe it was RL Grime? He had gone b2b with Baauer at HARD DOTD in 2013 and it was a killer set, perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get down to two of the best artists in the trap game for the second time. Maybe it was DJ Snake? That would make sense and it would certainly be a memorable set. But at the same time, the techno influences had been consistent throughout the night, so it’d be kind of weird to go straight from that into trap. I started fantasizing about a surprise Claude Von Stroke or Cajmere set, but no, it’s supposed to be a back-to-back set with Baauer; maybe it’s a multi-genre artist like AC Slater throwing it down with the Internet Music Don.

All of a sudden, Destructo got on the mic “You guys ready for the special guest?!?!” He shouted. The crowd roared as he dropped the hip-hop track “Shabba Ranks” by A$AP Rocky – a good segue into a Baauer set for sure, even though it was a pretty mainstream rap song from about a year ago. Wait, could the special guest be TY Dolla $ign?? That would be dope.

Then the DJ approached the booth, his glasses barely sitting above the mixer. It was hard to see him from this steep angle -- the booth pretty much covered his face unless he was bouncing on the backbeat. I saw who he was and I turned to my friend:

“Oh, Dude. It’s Skrillex.”

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