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Magnetic’s Paris Dispatch: From Paris With Love


Here comes Paris, French capital city, home of romance, love and a major part of the electronic music. From the underground techno scene to the beats of harder styles, I will write about every style that this city has to offer. I am Antoine, 22 years old, ready to take over this city to submerge you with the overwhelming electronic scene that is available here.

Paris is the city to live the night life. Once 11pm has passed, whatever you want to do, whatever music style you prefer, whatever type of party you want to go, there are enough events each evening from Thursday to Monday to fulfill every wish. Furthermore, with all the schools and universities, there are student events everywhere too, which is kind of awesome when you're a new student in Paris. One more thing is festivals. We got some of the biggest French festivals happening here, Solidays, Rock en Seine, Inox Park. They may not always be electronic ones, but as a music lover you HAVE to do them. Wonderful artists and awesome shows, they never disappoint.

Electronic music is well established here and is now a full part of the cultural scene of Paris. It's one point that makes me love this city. You can see that clubbing has gone far over only commercial stuff, and as you still have "standard" club nights, you also have a lot of other ones promoting local producers that are playing great sets and big names in electronic music who are here on a weekly basis. This makes Paris electronic world awesome.

Let’s start with some techno place: La Concrete. This club, installed on a boat, has an really interesting setup for every techno / tech house lover when it comes to dance all night long, and all day long. They are rocking with big names like Len Faki, Lil Louis, Ben Klock and never disappoint in the choice of their headliners. Furthermore, they start playing music at 9pm on Friday to 7am Saturday, and from 2am Sunday to 2am Monday. Like if you don’t want your clubbing weekend to end, you go there and enjoy the finest techno sets all day long. For me, it’s one place to absolutely try on a clubbing trip here, in Paris.

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Living the techno dream is nice in Paris, but some of you would rather go jumping all night long on the fast and pumping vibes that harder styles have to offer. For those people, I can only recommend you my favorite place to go, Le Petit Bain. It's a houseboat where most of the big hardstyle events take place, located in front of the National Library François Mitterrand on the Seine. The sound there is always well balanced, people are always happy to go in and the ambience is always great too. For each event I went there for, I was there from 11pm to 7am and was a bit sad the party had an end. The only one where I left before was that one time where I slept three hours only the night before, and the music started hitting 190bpm with a frenchcore set. Then my body told me to go home. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was spongy… bruised.

history of hardstyle 2015

Once you’re done with the closed clubs and small rooms, you try looking for something else, more wide open, with well-known artists, big shows and big crowds. It’s know the time to discover the festival side of Paris. Not Tomorrowland ones, but local venues where to pile up the French population and make them move furiously to enormous sound systems. Those kind of festival are playing rather often, you can find one almost every month, even during winter. Those ones are filled with the cream of EDM artists, raving the several thousand people during long nights (or weekends). The last big ones are the Border festival which took place on December 11th and 12th, We are Rave on February 7th and Weather Winter which will rock on February 21st.

Border Festival was an awesome one. If you ever like electronic music, this was the perfect place to be this weekend. With a place kept secret for months and revealed at the last moment, the hype around this event was huge. We saw around 15k people coming for the music and dancing to the beats of the several artists. During the first night, the bass music was strong and heavy, delivering some great dubstep, drum’n bass and UK Garage. It showed the real French tastes in the current EDM scene: deep vibes coming from the house and techno artists, a wonderful show with the heavier styles and non-stop dancing with electro-house sets. It’s one kind of festival where you dream with the music for two days and try to go back to reality for five ones.

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