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Marco Bailey Bringing 'Force' To Miami

Marco Bailey Bringing 'Force' To Miami

This is the real deal. An elektronic force is powering its way toward the bright beaches of Miami Music Week. That force is led by Marco Bailey and features some of the best pure techno artists around.

The MATERIA "pure elektronic force journey" features hard hitting artist like Carl Cox,  Mark Reeve (download free mix below), The Advent, Ken Ishii, Sam Paganini, Sasha Carassi, Carlo Lio, BORIS, Jon Rundell, DJ Rush, Mattew Jay, Dany Rodriguez, Black Asteroid, Joey Beltram + more.

It's kind of like Ultra Resistance, where Marco Bailey is actually playing as well, except this movement is led by techno icon Marco Bailey himself (not a major mainstream festival).

"I want to present you all with MATERIA [...] For me, it is that special kind of energy we call TECHNO, a sound I have represented for over 15 years." -Marco Bailey

The Materia tour is making its way around the world, so you have a few options to experience the real thing. You can get more info for shows in Madrid (February 21st), Paris (March 13th), Miami (March 28th), and Leige (May 13th). The journey will continue this fall in Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Tokyo and New York.

Marco Bailey's Elektronic Force podcast has already been powering the underground for years, and the most recent pressing features the MATERIA tour's Mark Reeve.

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Marco Bailey Bringing 'Force' To Miami

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