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'Molly' Suspected In Hospitalization Of 11 At University

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'Molly' Hospitalizes 11 University Students


It is unclear what form, color, or press the suspected drugs were in (stock photo shown).

CNN is reporting numerous hospitalizations at Weslayen University due to "molly".

12 people were hospitalized in total which included 10 students and two guests. All but one of the reported hospitalizations is said to be due to the drug synonymous with EDM (the other hospitalization was apparently due to alcohol). The report, which references witnesses, seems to indicate that issues arose at a party.

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The CNN report calls into question whether or not the drugs were pure MDMA, but it doesn't really matter. Mixmag warned about "extra-strong" MDMA pills shaped like UPS logos very recently which still resulted in the hospitalization of six. And the Weslayen School President puts it most simply: "Stay away from illegal mistake can change your life forever."

CNN seemed a little confused as to what Molly actually is, but it's important to remember that most often, neither do you. Especially now that the term has become such a popular catch phrase.

Eight of the individuals from Weslayen remain hospitalized according to the report. It is still unclear what press of pill was taken and what its chemical makeup was. Weslayen is a small, private school in Middletown, Connecticut.

Original report via CNN.

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